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Residential Foresters' mission is to help our customers' trees be as safe and healthy as possible.

We offers the following services:

Tree Health and Safety Consultations - We emphasize prevention as the most important phase of tree care.  Regular inspections by a Connecticut Licensed Arborist is an important tool to diagnose tree health and safety concerns before they are problematic.

Hazardous Tree Removal - We have a 60 ft aerial lift, skilled climbers and a 45 ton crane (153') crane to safely complete technically difficult tree removals.  Coming in mid February2012 a 78' low ground pressure self propelled aerial lift for backyard and difficult access areas.

Storm Damage Repair Pruning storm damage is an important phase of arboriculture.  While broken limbs and widowmaker hangers are obvious from the ground, often a major storm will cause branch cracks and structural deficiencies that are only diagnosed and corrected by an aerial inspection.

Pruning of Trees for Health and Safety - Proper periodic corrective pruning encourages growth of sound wood and healthy trees.  Safety pruning of dead branches will minimize tree hazards and will increase your enjoyment of your property.

Structural Augmentation (Cabling and Bracing) - Many trees form less that perfect branch unions (crotches).  Cabling with steel cables or with the non invasive Cobra System will minimize the hazard of a structurally deficient tree.  

Fertilizing and Soil Enhancement -  Urban and Suburban tres most often grow in nutrient and structurally deficient soils.  Many new advances in soil science and plant pathology enable us to greatly enhance available nutrients and improve soil quality.

Environmentally Conscious Arboriculture - We embrace the concept of Integrated Pest Management  by emphasizing insect and disease control by organic, natural and cultural remedies.

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Control - Similar to an aphid, the Wooly Adelgid was virtually unknown in Connecticut until the mid-80's. Now it threatens every hemlock. Click here for more information.

Large tree moving - We can move trees up to 12" in diameter. Click here for more information.