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Residential Foresters has been caring for New England's trees for over a third of a century. we offer tree health and safety consultations and appraisals, hazardous tree removal, storm damage repair, pruning of trees for health and safety, structural augmentation - cabling and bracing, fertilizing and soil enhancement, environmentally conscious arboriculture: organic, natural and systemic insect and disease control and guaranteed control of Woolly Hemlock Adelgid

For the past 15 years we have been one of the foremost large tree movers and transplanters in New England and Eastern Upstate New York. Several years ago we purchased B&M Enterprises Tree Moving and formed a new tree moving company, Tree Ark LLC. Tree Ark LLC offers large tree moving and transplanting of trees up to 12" caliper ( 40' tall ) We can move and transplant your trees or you can choose from hundreds of large trees in our nurseries.

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Residential Foresters
Tom Burgess, Licensed Arborist, EMT - Paramedic
860 429-9972 fax 860 429-9973
Connecticut Arborist License # 62028
DEP # B8-0282
Member, Connecticut Tree Protective Assoc.
CT DEP Business Registration #8-0282